Compliance & ethics line

Don´t support it – report it:

M+W Group’s policy is to conduct its business in accordance with the highest ethical, moral and legal standards. These principles are set out especially in our Code of Conduct and the Core Values. To improve the monitoring of these principles, M+W Group has installed the M+W Group Ethics Line. We strongly encourage you to disclose and report any misconduct or illegal behaviour.

The M+W Group Ethics Line enables employees and other persons to report infringements of laws, regulations and policies as well as any kind of unethical behavior. Via the M+W Group Ethics Line such reports can be made 24 hours, 7 days a week via three channels: Telephone, web and email.

The system is available in most official languages of those countries where M+W Group maintains offices. English live answering is provided at each time, 24/7.

The M+W Group Ethics Line is operated by Deloitte Tip-offs Anonymous which is ISO 9001 certified and ensures total anonymity and confidentiality.

All reports made via the M+W Group Ethics Line are strictly confidential and can certainly be made anonymously. However, we encourage each person making a report via the M+W Group Ethics Line to leave the contact details since this facilitates investigations; the identity of the reporting person will certainly not disclosed to anyone who is not in charge with the investigations.

Web reporting

The link hereto is
To ensure total anonymity, the website is operated by Deloitte Tip-offs Anonymous. You may remain completely anonymous if preferred.
For further information on web reporting,

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Email reporting

The email address is
Your identity will not be made know to M+W Group without your consent.
For further information on email reporting,

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Telephone reporting

To make a report via telephone, the hotlines in the table below are provided in the respective languages. An English speaking operator is always available.
Your number will not be traceable to ensure your identity remains protected.
For further information on telephone reporting,

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Please make use of the M+W Group Ethics Line whenever you become aware of actual or potential infringements of laws, regulations or policies or any other kind of unethical behavior and to help therewith to make M+W Group a place where illegal, dishonest or unethical behavior has no chance.
For more information about the M+W Group Ethics Line, please click the links at the respective reporting channels above. You will also find further instructions on the Deloitte Tip-offs Anonymous website > especially at section “How does the service work?” and in the FAQs.