Safety, health, environment and quality (SHEQ) commitment:

We are committed to an injury free workshop where everybody goes home safe

SHEQ Vision

M+W Group is committed to operating in an incident and injury free environment through the prevention of injuries, occupational ill health, pollution and operational losses to deliver our Target Zero and Beyond program.

SHEQ Mission

People and Environment is our core value applied through all our operations to maintain robust global standards.

SHEQ Commitment

The Executive Committee is responsible for establishing SHEQ policy of the company, monitoring the company‚Äôs performance through regular leadership reviews and striving for continuous improvement strategies.

Six strategies to Target Zero and beyond!

Leadership and Supervision

Our executives, project managers and supervisors will lead our SHEQ program by implementing policies which are constantly demonstrating support and commitment. Our leaders will be held responsible and accountable.

Governance and Evaluation

All SHEQ managers shall maintain a documented integrated management system that is both monitored and communicated and where all tasks are planned and coordinated. The system shall be evaluated at all levels. Any corrective actions shall be implemented to ensure compliance and reports will be provided to all of our stakeholders.

Operational Excellence

We will only select contractors and supply chain partners that align to our core values. We will manage the relationships to deliver excellent EHS performance and a right fi rst time philosophy for quality.

Training and Competency

Training will be delivered to all of our employees, enabling them to perform their duties in the correct way, whilst ensuring they can identify and mitigate hazards in the workplace to prevent injuries to themselves and others.

Incident Free Workplace

Every employee is encouraged to maintain an Incident Free Workplace program, where all of our colleagues are valued and everyone goes home safe. Employees will participate through safety committees and actively engaging with our values, enhancing a safety culture and rewarding safe behaviour.

Design for Safety

We will consider all hazards at the design and engineering stage. We will engage methods to mitigate risk along with ensuring we build safety into every project or program.