About Us

M+W Group with its origin in Germany and a history of more than 100 years has reorganised its activities in 2018, thereby creating two, distinct companies ‘Exyte’ and ‘M+W’:

  • Exyte comprises all core business activities, which include Advanced Technology Facilities (ATF), Life Sciences & Chemicals (LSC), Data Center (DTC) and Regional Specific Business (RSB) in defined target countries. In 2018, Exyte generated sales of 3.5 billion euros with over 5,600 employees.
  • M+W comprises all other business activities, which are mainly related to energy projects. In 2017, M+W generated sales of 0.4 billion euros with about 1,100 employees.

The re-grouping does not have any influence on the execution of ongoing projects or on customer engagements, respectively. M+W Group, which holds 100% of Exyte and 100% of M+W, is owned by the Stumpf Group.