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Solar Manufacturing Facility
in the USA

Solar Manufacturing Facility
in the USA

M+W Group has completed on schedule a fully automated CPV (Concentrated Photovoltaic) module assembly factory for Soitec in San Diego, California.

Soitec ( is a world leader in generating and manufacturing revolutionary semiconductor materials for the electronics and energy industries and state of the art CPV modules. The project was executed by M+W Group’s U.S. entity as general contractor, holding responsibility for engineering, procurement and construction of the 176,000 square-foot (16,350 square meter) manufacturing center.

Thanks to the renovated facility in San Diego, Soitec will become one of the top three manufacturers of solar modules in the USA. By producing high volumes of CPV modules in the San Diego facility, Soitec can provide cost-effective renewable energy systems for utility-scale
projects in California and abroad.

In December 2012, less than one year after the factory was acquired, Soitec celebrated the official Grand Opening of the facility going operational with its first expansion phase of 140 MWp capacity.  By this date, the first CPV modules had already been produced at the state-of-the-art production line. The factory has been designed
to reach 280 MWp in capacity at full

The Technology
Soitec’s CPV technology uses triple-junction cells on a glass plate. Fresnel lenses (manufactured using silicone on glass) concentrate sunlight 500 times before it reaches these cells, which convert it into electricity. A metal frame holds two glass plates to form highly robust, durable and resilient modules.  By combining several modules on biaxial trackers, Soitec maximizes energy generation throughout the day.

With yields of 30 percent from  its CPV modules, Soitec achieves at least twice the performance of conventional photovoltaic modules.