Conventional Power Plants

Across the world, there is a new emphasis on projects that combine climate protection and economical primary power generation. Our conventional power plants represent an optimal solution for a year-round efficient source of process heat and cooling.
M+W Group has a long track record in engineering and construction of combined heat and power (CHP) and combined cooling, heating and power (CCHP) plants.
Using state-of-the-art we provide complete solutions for combined heat & power, such as:

  • High-efficient energy supply centers with uninterruptible power supply for highly sensitive manufacturing processes which require specific criteria e.g.:
  • voltage tolerance of less than +- 8 percent
  • voltage drops of max. 10 ms
  • Frequency tolerances of less than +- 1 percent
  • Combined cycles gas turbine power plants with wide range of capacity until 200 MWel including gas turbine, heat recovery steam generator and steam turbine
  • Biomass cogeneration power plants up to 30 MWel using different fuel types, such as herbal biomass, matured timber, treated and untreated wood.

Consulting & Planning

Site Evaluation & Selection
Feasibility Studies
Site Master Planning
Programming and Concept Design Studies
General Studies & Simulations
Process Technology and Equipment Evaluation
Sustainability Analyses and Energy Efficency Audits
Cost and Schedule Models
CoO Calculations

Design & Engineering

Basic, Preliminary and Detailed Design in all Eng. Disciplines
Facility System Integration
Space Management
Building Information Modeling
Permits, Code & Environmental Compliance
Value Engineering & Cost Optimization
Early Package Development
Professional & GC Licensing
Engineering, Construction and General Contracting (EPCM & EPC)

(Pre-) Construction & Project Management

Commercial Management
Design Management
Construction Management
Contractor Supervision
Start-up & Commissioning
As-built Documentation
Warranty Management
Engineering, Construction and General Contracting (EPCM & EPC)

Services, Maintenance and Installation

Process Equipment Services
Sustaining Infrastructural Services
Facility System Optimization & Benchmarking
Work Package Installations
Technical Staffing
Engineering, Construction and General Contracting (EPCM & EPC)

Project Showcase

Selected Projects