Quality Control of Gaseous Media

Quality control of gaseous media

Pure gases are used in many fabrication processes in the semiconductor, LED, flat panel and optical industry. They are used as purging gases for cleaning and setting up inert atmospheres, dilution and carrier gas, reaction gases and pneumatic drives. For most processes pure and ultrapure qualities are required.

Avoiding disastrous effects on product quality and process flow, high purity gases should be continuously analyzed and monitored. Therefore, we offer:

Analysis of clean dry air (CDA), N2, He, Ar, CO2 and others
Advanced sampling procedure to handle higher pressure and flow
Sample collection by impinger method for ion chromatography (IC)
and ICP-MS analysis
Sample collection of organic compounds and refractories by sampling with adsorption materials (e.g. Tenax, CarboTrap) and TD-GC/MS analysis