Material Testing

Prequalification of Materials

Reducing all kinds of air contamination is a main goal in manufacturing of contamination-sensitive products like wafers, optics, lasers and processes like extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography.

Outgassing from materials and devices for cleanroom equipment (e.g. construction materials, floor coatings, sealing compounds, installation, consumables) is the most significant contamination source for volatile organic compounds (VOC). Analysis of outgassing behavior of materials used in clean environments is a first important step to minimize the emission potential of AMC and to improve the indoor air quality.

Material Outgassing Studies

The concentration of airborne molecular contaminants is a relevant cleanliness factor and has a significant impact on production processes and product quality. Especially the major emitters VOC and ammonia are of substantial interest. Our laboratory is a member of the Cleanroom Suitable Materials (CSM) network and therefore works according to the guidelines and standards of CSM.


Our AMC measurement and evaluation procedure encompasses:

  • Outgassing test for organic compounds (VOC+SVOC) according to M+W guidelines and VDI 2083-17 standard
  • Evaluation corresponding to M+W acceptance criteria for cleanrooms and mini environments
  • Determination of material-specific standardized ISO-AMCm class as well as ISO-AMCCR class for actual cleanrooms
  • Analysis by thermal desorption (TD)-GC/MS
  • Issuing a M+W certification for tested equipment, materials, components and products
  • Registration of tested and certified material in the M+W material data base
  • Issuing of M+W Products certificates

Micro-Emission Chamber

The micro-emission chamber is a versatile and compact device especially designed for outgassing tests for construction materials (e.g. molding materials, resins, seals, coatings, paints).

Material samples are heated at a certain temperature and the released chemicals (VOCs) are collected on thermo-desorption tubes and analyzed by TD-GCMS. This enables the prequalification of materials for optical and laser devices.

The micro emission chamber allows fast emissions screening as part of routine industrial quality control while simultaneously complying with international standard methods (e.g. ISO 12219-3).