Laboratory Services

Laboratory Services

Our chemical-analytical laboratory has in-depth knowledge in the field of air and water analyses for clean environments. Many years of experience with chemical contamination analysis make our laboratory a competent partner in terms of cleanliness investigations. State-of-the-art analytical equipment combined with approved and validated analytical procedures ensure reproducible and reliable analytical results.

A high quality control of processes and outcomes is guaranteed to our customers due to our ISO 9001 certification. Moreover, our complete quality management system ensures maximum transparency. In this regard, our customers appreciate our reliable analyses as well as our excellent services.

Analysis and Services

Many industries require clean environmental conditions for optimal product quality, stability of production processes and production yield.

As a consequence, cleanroom air, gas supply as well as all materials, components and tools used in a cleanroom environment have to fulfill specified cleanliness levels. In addition stable process conditions require consistently high quality process media (e.g. XCDA, nitrogen, ultrapure water). In order to identify all sorts of contaminations and its sources, our laboratory provides a complete service of air, water and process media analysis as well as material investigations according to verified and standardized methods.

Our services cover the development of customized and application oriented methods and procedures, efficient solutions concerning quality assurance issues as well as routine analyses. Evaluation of cleanliness, cleanroom environments validation and monitoring as well as certification of contamination-critical products and components is our core business. In this context testing and qualification of chemical filter materials play a major role in controlling all kind of contaminations in clean environments.

The laboratory is well connected to local experts and engineers as well as to the network of the worldwide M+W Group. Our state-of-the-art test and measurement equipment enables us to work on the latest requirements in airflow management, particle control and airborne molecular contamination (AMC) issues. Our analytical techniques are especially optimized for trace analysis down to sub-ppt range.


Key Facts

  • Total laboratory space: 470 m²
  • Team: Chemists, laboratory assistants and technicians
  • Available cleanroom space up to ISO class 3
  • Ultra-trace analysis in ppb to sub-ppt range
  • Particle detection in air and liquids

Services Overview
We offer our customers a reliable and competent service in a wide range of specialized chemical analytics.

  • Scientific advices and consultancy on chemical and technical issues with regard to contamination control
  • Task oriented process development according to customer requirements
  • Assistance in selecting cleanroom suitable materials and filter materials
  • Fast turnaround time for sample analysis according to customer needs
  • Qualified air and water sampling by trained laboratory staff
  • Solution-oriented and time / cost effective sampling and analysis program in order to minimize the impairment of production process
  • Preparation and delivery of sampling equipment or on-site sampling service
  • Customer training on-site in applying air sampling techniques and water sampling procedures
  • Test report including evaluation according to ITRS and SEMI
  • Quick response and fast support for contamination issues
  • M+W Products certification of VOC critical products and components