Air Quality Monitoring

Contamination Detection

Complex and special manufacturing processes in electronic and semiconductor industries require high cleanliness of ambient air. Chemical gas-phase contaminations, so-called airborne molecular contaminants (AMC), can form thin chemical films on critical surfaces. Stringent monitoring of indoor air quality enables to comply with high technology production environments

M+W Products provides expertise in measuring, identifying and controlling air contamination. This enables our customers to improve their manufacturing processes as well as their product yields. In order to detect all kinds of air contamination our M+W Product’s laboratory offers a complete air and ambient analysis service.

Guaranteed Purity of Water in Production Areas

Ultrapure water is essential to semiconductor fabrication, whereby complex and specific technologies require a great amount of water at every stage of the wafer manufacturing process. Within the immersion lithography ultrahigh purified water is used as a part of the optical system.

Our laboratory offers several services in analyzing critical parameters and monitoring of ultrapure water systems. To ensure the high quality of analysis the M+W Products laboratory is linked to an in-house ultrapure water facility.

Our services in analysis of ultrapure water include:

  • Anions and cations with detection limits in the ppt range
  • Trace metals down to the sub-ppt range
  • TOC determination down to 0.1 ppb
  • Particle measurement down to particle size of 0.05 Micrometer
  • Determination of water resistivity, bacteria and silica loading
  • Conformity evaluation according to ITRS and customer specification

Air Control for Environment, Health and Safety

One objective in protecting the health and safety of employees is to reduce indoor pollution by identification and elimination of harmful, carcinogenic and toxic substances. In order to evaluate the air quality within a building or at any location all kinds of harmful substances must be identified and potential outgassing materials like cleaning products, construction materials, paintings or consumer goods should be analyzed according to their volatility.

Cleanroom Air Evaluation and Qualification

The control of air in new cleanrooms and routine monitoring during the production process are essential tasks, in all fields where clean environments for production are required: semiconductor industry, optical and laser technology, pharmaceutical industry, medical technology, life science and food.
Our portfolio includes:

  • Air sampling indoors, within makeup air units, recirculation systemsand in mini environments
  • Careful selection of the sampling points for root cause analysis if higherlevel of contamination is detected
  • Choice of appropriate sampling method
  • Assessment of purification measures (chemical filters)
  • Evaluation according to current international technology

Monitoring the Air Quality outside of the Fab

For planning and designing appropriate air treatment facilities, especially for cleanrooms, the knowledge of the outdoor air quality at a certain location is mandatory.

 M+W Products laboratory offers:

  • Evaluation of environmental conditions by measurement of out-door air in order to choose the optimal location and adequate air treatments for new fabs and cleanroom installations
  • Determination of the major contaminants: total VOC and SVOC including separate analysis for amines and refractory compounds, acids (especially sulfate, chloride, nitrite, nitrate, phosphate) and bases (mainly ammonia)
  • Active air sampling by using adsorption techniques for VOC and impinger method for ions