The Modular Factory Concept for Competitive Battery Cell Production

M+W Group has developed a modular factory concept for a cost-effective, competitive production of lithium-ion battery cells. Several manufacturing steps are consolidated in a single facility. These include slurry preparation for electrodes, anode and cathode coating, electrode and separator assembly, and electrolyte filling. These processes are followed by electrical formation and conditioned storage in the factory. Several manufacturing steps require very low humidity, constant temperatures, and special fire-protection measures.

We have been developing, planning, and commissioning Li-ion battery factories for customers from the global automotive and battery industry. This included modular concepts for large-scale production, optimized equipment and facility layouts, cost-saving measures for high competitiveness and cost of ownership simulations. In every case, our customers benefit from the experience drawn from these projects and from the extensive expertise in planning and constructing highly complex high-tech factories for other industries.

Consulting & Planning

Site Evaluation & Selection
Feasibility Studies
Site Master Planning
Programming and Concept Design Studies
General Studies & Simulations
Process Technology and Equipment Evaluation
Sustainability Analyses and Energy Efficency Audits
Cost and Schedule Models
CoO Calculations

Design & Engineering

Basic, Preliminary and Detailed Design in all Eng. Disciplines
Facility System Integration
Space Management
Building Information Modeling
Permits, Code & Environmental Compliance
Value Engineering & Cost Optimization
Early Package Development
Professional & GC Licensing
Engineering, Construction and General Contracting (EPCM & EPC)

(Pre-)Construction & Project Management

Commercial Management
Design Management
Construction Management
Contractor Supervision
Start-up & Commissioning
As-built Documentation
Warranty Management
Engineering, Construction and General Contracting (EPCM & EPC)

Services, Maintenance & Installation

Process Equipment Services
Sustaining Infrastructural Services
Facility System Optimization & Benchmarking
Work Package Installations
Technical Staffing
Engineering, Construction and General Contracting (EPCM & EPC)

Project Showcase

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