Sustainability begins at our own headquarters

At M+W Group, we share in our customer’s environmental performance and sustainability goals. We work diligently to design and construct facilities for our customers that excel in environmental performance.

As an example the below picture shows the roof of a customer’s facility in Mexico, which was awarded a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Platinum ranking.

Our green and sustainable solutions include accreditation services based on construction expertise for LEED USGBC, LEED IGBC, BREEAM, GREEN MARK, and GRIHA green building certification, for:

  • Building energy modelling and simulation
  • Energy efficient HVAC, lighting and water systems
  • Energy recovery solutions for process systems and utility
  • EPC solutions for clean and alternative energy
Consumer Goods: Beiersdorf (Skincare Manufacturing and R&D Center), Silao, Mexico