Our commitment to you

At M+W Group we focus on the values of life, health and protection of the environment during the development and delivery of our services and products. We achieve this through the continuous improvement of our operating environments. We enable and facilitate the technologies that advance and improve quality of life – and thus serve our clients and their clients.

We care for our employees by providing a safe, healthy and fair paid workplace and by leading safe work behavior by our example. We build on a culture of care, trust and concern for everyone. We aim to build and grow an injury free work environment.

At M+W Group we are committed to our employees, partners, customers and stakeholders and lead our company by our Core Values. Our Core Values are at the heart of everything that we do. We encourage each of our employees to implement our Core Values in their daily business activities. We consider these principles the preconditions of durable employment and of our company’s success.

Everybody at M+W Group is encouraged to step up and live our Core Values. Because our environment, our people, our stakeholders and the world we live in matter. Thus it is our responsibility to care and protect.

Dr. Wolfgang Büchele

Chief Executive Officer

Roberto Penno

Chief Operating Officer

Wolfgang Homey

Chief Financial Officer