At M+W Group we know our purpose and we understand our responsibilities. As we enable our clients to succeed, we are always aware of what has been entrusted to us. The people, the clients, the communities, and the natural resources that we touch, all rely on our high standards, diligence and consistency.

For us, being responsible requires a connection between our heads, our hearts, and our hands. Every aspect of our business involves intelligent thought, care and concern for those around us, and skillful, responsible action.

Our Social Responsibility efforts are focused on four areas of care & concern:


Fair labor practices and workplace protection for people in our care.

Community Outreach

Our business units tailor community support activities, charitable contributions and proactive/reactive support efforts based upon local needs and certain strategic efforts in developing countries.


Protection of the environment at our projects and facilities, sustainable designs for our clients, and development of technologies that contribute to a sustainable future.


A strong sense of ethics and fair play in all of our business activities and human interaction.