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New Dryroom Solution by M+W Group for Lithium-Ion Battery Plants Reduces Costs

New Dryroom Solution by M+W Group for Lithium-Ion Battery Plants Reduces Costs

The global engineering and construction company M+W Group presents a newly developed dryroom solution for the manufacture of lithium-ion battery cells at the “Battery + Storage” Exhibition on Stand 2A15 in Stuttgart from September 30 to October 2, 2013. The M+W Isolator Dryroom makes it possible for the customer to obtain considerable savings in investment and operating costs thanks to so-called mini-environments. There is no more need for workers to enter the dryroom area as the process machines can be operated from outside and the extreme dry climate in the dryroom remains highly stable. In the dryroom a dewpoint can be achieved as a measure for air dryness at virtually -80 degrees Celsius (-112° Fahrenheit), that is at the limit of what can currently be measured.

Several important process steps of lithium-ion cell production and other high-tech applications require extremely dry environments. Such processes are realized in dryrooms in which a continuous stream of air from industrial dehumidification units ensures consistent dryness. Currently, a large-area dryroom, in which the processing machines can be freely set up, is state-of-the-art technology for lithium-ion cell manufacture. There are considerable investment and operating costs involved in maintaining the ambient conditions within the entire dryroom.

The new M+W Group dryroom solution is based on an already developed tried-and-tested concept for other high-tech sectors that efficiently reduces the highly dry ambient conditions to the direct vicinity of the processing machines. At the same time, the machines can be operated from outside the dryroom. This extensive spatial separation of people and highly dry environmental areas ensures significantly more stable environmental conditions and considerable savings in the operating costs. At the same time, it minimizes possible health risks that could be posed to staff remaining in the extremely dry air.

The new dryroom solution also is a result of M+W Group’s cooperation with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) focusing on dryroom technology and resource-efficiency. Since 2008 M+W has been developing, planning and building lithium-ion battery factories for international automotive companies, research institutes and battery makers. The company is committed to significantly cutting the costs associated with manufacturing lithium-ion batteries while ensuring high quality production.

About M+W Group ( M+W Group is the leading global engineering, construction and project management company in the fields of Advanced Technology Facilities, Life Science & Chemicals, Energy & Environment Technologies and High-Tech Infrastructure. From concept development to turnkey services the company manages projects of all sizes ensuring rapid realization, high quality and safety standards and cost-effective completion. With its competencies to link process and automation technologies and complex facilities to integrated solutions, M+W Group primarily focuses on leading companies in the fields of electronics, photovoltaics, life science, chemicals, energy, automotive, security and communication, as well as research institutes and universities. M+W Group GmbH is the holding company with headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany. The Group, which employs more than 8,000 employees, generated an order intake of 3.58 billion euros and revenues of 2.38 billion in 2012. In the same year the company celebrated its 100th anniversary.
M+W Group is owned by the Austrian Stumpf Group that is globally successful in the areas of High-Tech Engineering, Smart & Renewable Energy, Real Estate and Technology Investments.

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