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M+W Group to deliver world-leading cell therapy centre of excellence

M+W Group to deliver world-leading cell therapy centre of excellence

Stevenage, Hertfordshire (UK), 9th October 2015

Leading global engineering and construction company, M+W Group, has been selected to deliver a major new, world-class research and manufacturing facility at the Cell Therapy Catapults (CTC) Stevenage BioScience Catalyst Campus (UK).

With a contract value to M+W Group of £26 million (EUR 36 Million) and a total investment in the site of over £55 million (EUR 75 Million), the CTC is part of a new family of government funded independent centres called ‘Catapults’ designed to directly connect next generation technology businesses with the UK’s research and academic communities.

When complete in 2017, the new facility will be able to manufacture late phase clinical trials and early supplies of the most advanced therapeutic medicinal products (ATMP’s) including cell and gene therapies. The very latest ‘Good Manufacturing Processes’ (GMP) are embedded within the new facilty to ensure that products are consistently produced and controlled according to the necessary quality standards.

Cells therapy, used in procedures such as bone marrow transplants, has helped treat patients for many years. The significant advances made in recent years in the science of stem cells and with other cells, means that new types of treatment are being developed with the potential to repair, replace, modify, or regenerate tissues. These could help transform the treatment and cure of diseases and conditions as diverse as blindness, diabetes and cancer.

The project was awarded following a comprehensive Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) compliant tendering process. Key to M+W Group’s success was the company’s demonstrable expertise in the delivery of sophisticated technology-led facilities which integrate advanced process and facility construction design and construction.

When complete, the new centre will;

  • Create in excess of 150 jobs
  • Help attract inward investment to the UK, enabling high quality UK-based manufacturing export of cell therapy and related products
  • Build on existing UK capability for phase I and phase II manufacturing
  • Further enhance the UK as an attractive place for SME (Small/Medium-sized Enterprise) biotech and life sciences companies
  • Seed the creation of a world leading cell and gene therapy manufactory cluster

Keith Thompson, CEO of the Cell Therapy Catapult, said: “I am delighted that we will be working with M+W Group, to create a centre that will advance industry in the UK to become a world leader in cell and gene therapy development and commercialisation. The manufacturing centre will provide global scientific and medical communities with the assistance they need to convert research into products that have the potential to have a direct impact in advanced healthcare.”

Spencer Baber, Managing Director M+W Group UK said: “M+W Group is a specialist contractor for the construction of state-of-the-art facilities within the Life Sciences sector. We are proud to be associated with a government funded project of this specific nature which will see the UK established as the leading centre for the development of new and innovative medicinal products for the treatment of debilitating diseases such as blindness, diabetes and cancer. We are delighted to be selected as the Cell Therapy Catapult’s chosen partner in the delivery of this vision.”


About M+W Group: M+W Group GmbH, based in Stuttgart, is a leading global high-tech engineering company. Established in 1912, the company operates in more than 30 countries. The M+W Group manages projects of all dimensions on behalf of clients from various sectors, including electronics, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, energy and information technology — from semiconductor plants to nanotechnology research centers. The company offers a full range of services from concept and design to turnkey solutions. During the financial year 2014, the M+W Group generated sales of 2.46 billion euros with around 7,050 employees worldwide. For more information please visit:


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