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M+W Group Receives Top Supplier Award from Customer ASML

M+W Group Receives Top Supplier Award from Customer ASML

Highest Precision and Constant Quality in Nanometers

Engineering and construction company M+W Group was honoured with the QLTC-Award (Quality, Logistics, Technology, Costs) by customer ASML, the world’s largest manufacturer of lithography systems. M+W Group’s subsidiary M+W Products received this exceptional recognition because it has consistently achieved best scores in all four categories for last two years– quality, logistics, technology and costs (QLTC). It has donated the prize money of EUR 2,500 to the children’s charity association, Care-for-Kids.

M+W Group has been working closely with ASML since the end of the 1990s. The company mainly supplies ASML with high quality equipment for its extremely complex lithography systems. These are used primarily in the manufacture of microchips. High-tech air conditioning equipment for precise control and reproducible performance of process air, exceptional temperature stability and an assured particle free process environment are the characteristics of the machines supplied by M+W Products. Additionally the company delivers most complex ultra-pure water cabinets to ensure supremely accurate nanometer structuring performance within the latest version of ASML´s immersion lithography systems. Such attributes guarantee the highest quality of manufacturing and significantly reduce reject rates.

The photolitographic structuring of the integrated circuits is one of the key subprocesses in microchip manufacture. The circuits are planned in terms of nanometers for the chips. A nanometer is one millionth of a millimeter. The more minute the dimensions of the lithographic equipment the more complex the machines and processes for microchip production, and therefore also the requirements in terms of the quality and reliability of all the systems.

About the M+W Group: M+W Group GmbH, based in Stuttgart (Germany), is a leading global high-tech engineering company. Established in 1912, the company operates in more than 30 countries. M+W Group manages projects of all dimensions on behalf of clients from various sectors, including electronics, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, energy and information technology — from semiconductor plants to nanotechnology research centers. The company offers a full range of services from concept and design to turnkey solutions. During the financial year 2014, the M+W Group generated sales of 2.46 billion euros with around 7,050 employees worldwide. For more information please visit:

Subidiary M+W Products is focusing on high-precision devices and customer-designed solutions for cleanroom and air-conditioning technologies.
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