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M+W Group customer European Batteries opens its first lithium-ion battery factory

M+W Group customer European Batteries opens its first lithium-ion battery factory

Annual production capacity for 3,000 electric cars

The engineering and construction company M+W Group (until 2009: M+W Zander) has successfully completed its first order to build a lithium-ion battery plant. In Varkaus, Finland the Finnish battery manufacturer European Batteries Oy has commissioned its new factory with a Grand Opening and has started full volume production.

The new factory in Varkaus has a surface area of 10,000 sq. metres and manufactures large, lithium-ion based battery packs and systems with an annual production capacity of around 100 megawatt/hours. This means that around 3,000 full-electric cars can be fitted with lithium-ion batteries, although a possible tripling of production is already planned.

In July 2009, M+W Group had begun with the design and construction of cleanrooms and dry rooms for particularly sensitive phases of production. This includes the assembly of electrodes and separators as well as filling the individual cells with electrolyte at an extremely low air humidity. To ensure this, M+W Group used high performance absorption dehumidifiers, air locks and vapour-impermeable wall and ceiling systems.

M+W Group has developed a concept for planning and building lithium-ion battery plants, in which all the process stages are linked modularly under one roof. The multiple use of building infrastructure means that considerable cost savings can be achieved. For example, heat generated during individual process stages is used for air dehumidification and air conditioning.


Final assembly line in dry room at European Batteries
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