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M+W Group acquires shares in the Schmid Silicon Technology Holding GmbH

M+W Group acquires shares in the Schmid Silicon Technology Holding GmbH

RTEmagicC_logo_ssth.gifEffective from January 1st, 2010 the M+W Group GmbH, Stuttgart, acquired shares in Schmid Silicon Technology Holding GmbH, Freudenstadt. With this acquisition, M+W Group partners with Schmid Silicon Technology Holding GmbH in its worldwide activities for engineering and construction of Polysilicon plants based on the unique Monosilane technology. No further details of the contract conditions have been released by the involved parties due to their agreement to treat such details confidentially.

With our new partner M+W Group we are able to enforce our worldwide presence on the future markets to offer our customers joint expertise and service excellence for successful realization of projects. With our future-orientated technology and the partner M+W Group we decisively strengthen our competitiveness and we see this as a further essential step on the way to establishing ourselves as the leading technology supplier for Polysilicon solutions”, stated Christian Schmid, Shareholder of the Schmid Silicon Technology Holding GmbH and Jürgen Wild, CEO M+W Group.

Contract negotiations have been concluded in a purposeful manner within a very short time frame, due to similar perception of the market, the customers and the company philosophy. This makes the realization of future projects easier. Both parties are looking forward to a successful cooperation. Right after the contract conclusion we have started working on the coming tasks closely together”, Alexander Berg, CEO of the Schmid Silicon Technology Holding GmbH confirmed.

About Schmid Silicon Technology Holding GmbH (SSTH):

The Schmid Silicon Technology Holding GmbH (SSTH), founded in September of 2009, headquartered in Freudenstadt, Germany is the leading Holding organization with its related parties the Schmid Silicon Technology GmbH (SST), the Schmid Pilot Production GmbH (SPP) and the Schmid Silicon Engineering GmbH (SSE).

Founded in 2006 by Christian Schmid, SST is about to enter in a strong growth phase. Schmid Silicon Technology is the leading technology provider with respect to high-end solar (and, if demanded, electronic) grade Polysilicon and Monosilane gas production as well as plant engineering (turnkey). In addition to the patented technology SST supplies the overall know how for planning and realization of Turnkey Plants for the Polysilicon and Monosilane production.
Project planning and realization for Polysilicon and Monosilane productions are among SST´s core expertises (starting with the pre-basic design and ending with the qualification of the key staff and after sales services).
Furthermore, SST supplies Single-Equipment for Polysilicon production. SST will enable polysilicon-producers to achieve cost reductions of up to 30% compared to traditional production methods.
The Schmid Silicon Technology Holding GmbH is the only equipment supplier investing in its own technology. The company invests in a pilot plant production in Saxony, Germany, designed to showcase its advanced Monosilane technology. This pilot production is planned to start the full profitable Monosilane and Polysilicon production in the first quarter of 2010. This worldwide unique pilot plant allows an optimal technology design as well as continuous process improvement and new technological innovations.

About M+W Group (
M+W Group (formerly M+W Zander) offers its customers worldwide integrated life-cycle solutions for high-tech production plants and infrastructure complexes including all necessary service and modernization support. The customer base focuses primarily on leading electronics, photovoltaic, pharmaceutical, chemical, automobile and communication companies, as well as research institutes and universities. The company ranks among the market leaders in various market sectors to include semiconductors, photovoltaics and pharmaceuticals. M+W Group GmbH, Stuttgart, manages the global activities of the group as a holding company. The group has three main divisions of Facility Solutions, Process Solutions and Product Solutions and generated revenues of some €1.74 billion in the business year 2008 with a workforce of approximately 4,500.

M+W Group is owned by the Austrian Stumpf Group that is globally successful in the areas of High-Tech Engineering, Smart & Renewable Energy, Real Estate and Technology Investments.

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