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Carl Zeiss Semiconductor Technology Nominates M+W Products GmbH as a Supply Chain Partner

Carl Zeiss Semiconductor Technology Nominates M+W Products GmbH as a Supply Chain Partner

M+W Products achieves the highest level in Carl Zeiss SMT’s supplier management program SUCCESS

Carl Zeiss SMT has nominated M+W Products GmbH as a ‘Carl Zeiss SMT Supply Chain Partner’. The Stuttgart-based company is Carl Zeiss SMT’s tenth supplier to achieve this status within SMT’s own supplier management program SUCCESS. M+W Products has been supplying the business division Semiconductor Metrology Systems (SMS) of Carl Zeiss with ‘enclosures’ since 2005. These machine housings are used to accurately control environmental conditions in SMS’ high-precision systems whose function is to qualify, measure, and repair photomasks in semiconductor manufacture. The housings meet the most stringent requirements in terms of air humidity, temperature stability, and sound insulation.

Intensive Cooperation
As a Supply Chain Partner, M+W Products is now one of the suppliers with the greatest relevance to Carl Zeiss SMT’s strategic targets and especially benefits from a long-term and intensive cooperation. Dr. Oliver Kienzle, Managing Director of SMS stresses the significance of the partnership: “M+W Products has been a reliable and important partner for us for many years. M+W has world-leading expertise in the areas of high-precision temperature control and moisture regulation. The use of these technologies is crucial to the performance of our high-precision measurement systems for semiconductor technology.”

Herbert Blaschitz, Managing Director of M+W Products GmbH, sees “the long-term and value-based partnership with our customers as central to our company’s values. The privileged status as a Carl Zeiss SMT ‘Supply Chain Partner’ confirms the excellent cooperation of both teams and represents a challenge for the future development of the good and sustainable business relationship.”

Holder of the Supplier Award 2008
This is also underlined by Peter Schlindwein, Head of Supply Chain Management at Carl Zeiss SMT: “M+W Products already received the supplier award as best supplier in 2008. Openness, cooperation, and partnership characterize our business relationship, for example, by integrating the supplier into our development process early on. The supply chain partnership is insomuch a logical progression.”

About the Supplier Management Program SUCCESS
SUCCESS is the supplier management program of Carl Zeiss SMT GmbH and its subsidiaries Carl Zeiss SMS GmbH, Carl Zeiss Laser Optics GmbH, and Carl Zeiss NTS GmbH. The purpose of SUCCESS is to develop suppliers strategically and to manage the relationships. Classifying all suppliers into various stages of cooperation forms the basis. The Supply Chain Partnership is the most intensive stage of the cooperation.

Carl Zeiss SMT GmbH ( Carl Zeiss SMT GmbH is the largest unit of the Semiconductor Technology business group within the Carl Zeiss Group. The Semiconductor Technology Group also includes Carl Zeiss NTS GmbH, Carl Zeiss SMS GmbH and Carl Zeiss Laser Optics GmbH and their global subsidiaries. With its globally leading know-how in light, electron and ion-optical technologies, the business group offers its customers in industry, academia and research institutes a broad portfolio of outstanding products and application solutions for semiconductor technology, nanotechnology, materials research and life sciences. As the innovation leader in the field of lithography optics and optical and particle-beam based inspection, analysis and measuring systems, the business group opens up pioneering, new approaches and methods for production, quality monitoring and R&D to its customers. Together with subsidiaries in Germany, the UK, France, the USA, Israel and Singapore, the business group has over 2,500 employees. In fiscal year 2009/10 it generated record sales revenues of around 1.2 billion euros.

Carl Zeiss SMS GmbH ( The Semiconductor Metrology Systems (SMS) division is part of the Semiconductor Technology Group of Carl Zeiss. As a leading global supplier of both metrology and manufacturing equipment Carl Zeiss SMS focuses on a key component in semiconductor manufacturing, the photomask. Core expertise in light and electron optics, complemented by a revolutionary femto-second laser technology form the foundation of a product portfolio comprising in-die metrology, actinic qualification, repair and tuning of photomasks. The division is headquartered in Jena and has two further sites in Rossdorf/Germany and Karmiel/Israel. Approximately 200 people work for SMS.

M+W Products GmbH ( M+W Products GmbH is a company of the M+W Group (, a leading global engineering, construction and project management company in the fields of Advanced Technology Facilities, Life Science & Chemicals, Energy & Environment Technologies and High-Tech Infrastructure. From concept development to turnkey services the company manages projects of all sizes ensuring rapid realization, high quality standards and cost-effective completion. With its competence to link process and automation technologies and complex facilities to integrated solutions M+W Group primarily focuses on leading companies in the fields of electronics, photovoltaics, life science, chemicals, energy, automotive, security and communication, as well as research institutes and universities. M+W Group GmbH is the holding company with headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany. In 2010 M+W Group generated an order intake of 2.1 billion euros and revenues of nearly 1.8 billion euros with a workforce of approximately 6,000 employees.
M+W Group is owned by the Austrian Stumpf Group that is globally successful in the areas of High-Tech Engineering, Smart & Renewable Energy, Real Estate and Technology Investments.

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