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Big Lift
for a Tall Column

Big Lift for a Tall Column

For more than 6 months the M+W Group team of a chemical production plant project in Germany prepared the big lift of the tallest column.

The main dimensions of the column are 6.9 diameters with a total height of approximately 70 meters. To avoid very expensive construction costs in higher elevations, the upper part was completely dressed with all platforms, ladders, piping, instruments and lighting on ground level prior to the lifting. For this purpose a crane with a boom height of more than 90 meters was hired. But there are only a few cranes for such jobs available worldwide. Therefore it had to be shipped from its last job in Brazil, and from harbor to site it had to be transported over land by 70 trucks. The assembly on site finally took one week. The so called “marriage lift”, meaning the connection of the upper part with the lower column, was executed successfully. The lift was well prepared and was executed perfectly in accordance to the lifting plan and schedule. The dismantling of the crane had to be started right after the welding because the next job was already waiting in the Ukraine.