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Concentrated Photovoltaics
Pilot Plant in Abu Dhabi

Concentrated Photovoltaics Pilot Plant in Abu Dhabi

In the UAE, M+W Group has successfully installed a concentrated photovoltaic power plant. The pilot plant signifies the region’s growing investment in increased electricity capacity and diversification of energy sources.

The 90 kWp pilot power plant comprises thirty-two dual axis monopole trackers. A prefabricated control room houses the string inverters, monitoring, controlling, and data logging equipment. A weather station provides key inputs to the control electronics and logs weather data for benchmarking the system performance in the hot desert environment. M+W Group leveraged its extensive renewable energy expertise to realize the project objectives and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The M+W team worked closely with the project’s stakeholders: client, CPV technology manufacturer, a renowned international CPV institution, and sector’s regulatory authority.

The Middle East region is experiencing strong growth in electricity demand. Oil exporting countries in the gulf are considering alternative and renewable energy sources to meet, at least partially, this growing demand. Other oil importing countries in the region are also envisaging the diversifi cation of energy sources that will further enhance their energy sources security.

This will shield them from constantly increasing oil prices and electricity production costs. The region’s investment in mega scale PV power plants is still at infancy stage and this pilot CPV project will result in valuable lessons learned for the UAE and the whole region.